If you and your family have outgrown your living space and are looking to examine all of the options, you have come to the right place, as in this article, we outline all of the potential solutions to the age-old problem of limited living space.


This is sometimes the best solution, particularly if you are far from happy with the local community amenities and it is worth bearing in mind the significant expenses involved when buying and selling property. If your existing property does not offer the potential for extending or adding, then relocation is likely to be the best solution.


If you have the space, the logical choice would be to add to the existing structure, with either a single or double storey extension. The design should be in keeping with the existing building and for most Australian homeowners, extending is the favoured solution and is considered to be a wise investment.

Knock Down Rebuild

This is another attractive proposition if your home is old, which basically involves the demolition of the existing structure and building a new one. Search online for knock down rebuild quotes in Canberra and you can compare builders and prices. You are advised to deal with an established local builder with knock down and rebuild experience, as they have the know-how and resources to design and build your dream home.

Stand-Alone Structure

Many homeowners choose a modular design building that sits on a small plot in the garden and having living space that is not connected to the main dwelling is a great idea. Whether you use it as a study room for the kids, a home office or a guest bedroom, this could be the perfect answer to your limited space problem.

Loft Conversion

If your home has a pitched roof, why not use that empty space inside the roof area? Loft conversions are very popular and with a specialist builder, you will be very pleased with the outcome and this is a relatively cheap way to gain extra living space. The process is quite straightforward, start with putting down a chipboard floor, then add a couple of skylights and some extractors for ventilation and finally some cladding.

As you can see, there are quite a few options and when you are ready to contact a local builder, Google will bring up a list of local contractors.