Typically, two sources of building materials are used on construction projects: natural and man-made. Concrete, masonry, and steel are man-made materials, whereas materials such as stone and wood are considered natural. However, before being utilised in construction, both must be prepped or treated.

Here is a list of popular supplies used in construction.


Concrete is a composite substance comprised of fine and coarse aggregates, such as gravel, crushed stone, recycled concrete, and geosynthetic aggregates, that are joined by a liquid binder such as cement that cures over time.

The most used type of cement is Portland cement, which is made of finely ground materials heated in a kiln with clay and limestone before being mixed with gypsum. Thus, the mineral aggregate is combined with Portland cement, water, and Portland cement to create Portland cement concrete. After mixing, the cement cures or hardens to form the concrete-like substance we are familiar with.


Steel is a metal alloy made of iron, carbon, and frequently other alloying components to increase its strength and fracture resistance over iron. Stainless steel’s extra chromium content helps them withstand corrosion and oxidation. Structural engineers utilise it for the structural framework of towering contemporary structures and substantial industrial facilities because it is so robust relative to its weight and size.


Wood has been used for years and possesses qualities that make it one of the best building supplies—even in the days before engineered and synthetic materials. It is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, building materials.

Dimensional lumber is wood that has been machine-planed and cut into standard sizes for construction, including 2″x4″ and 2″x6,” so that the dimensions may be precisely accounted for in building designs. Larger pieces of wood, such as those used to create bridges and multi-story buildings, are commonly referred to as beams or timber in the industry.


Bricks or other discrete building blocks are used in masonry construction to create constructions typically held together with mortar. In the past, clay bricks were moulded and baked in a kiln. Concrete blocks, which may be reinforced with steel, are now the masonry unit that is used most frequently and is the strongest. Masonry construction can be made of glass, brick, or stone.


Stone, like wood, has been used for construction for thousands of years and is the material that will survive the longest. In actuality, stone makes up the oldest structures still standing on the entire planet. Although it has numerous benefits, engineers and architects must consider certain factors when developing a stone structure.

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