Ok… So, you’ve decided to renovate your home and you are wondering how to proceed. There are many ways that renovating your home can make your life better. Being able to control the fixtures, fittings, furniture, and color scheme makes a home renovation so worth it. Let’s take a look at some of the areas of the house that are most commonly renovated.

  • Bedrooms – Giving the bedroom a ‘once over’ can really make the owner feel special. Moving into a home that has someone else’s design can leave a homeowner feeling like they are living in someone else’s house. Renovating or decorating can help the owner feel like they are in control of their lives.
  • Open plan space – knocking down walls is a great way of opening up a space to make it lighter and more appealing. Especially true for the living/dining room, knocking down walls can give the living space such a different feel. You should always note whether there is asbestos in the walls when considering your own renovations. If you suspect asbestos may be present, Perth asbestos removal companies should always be consulted if you even suspect that asbestos may be present in your home
  • Kids play area – There’s no denying it – kids take up a lot of space! Perhaps you are considering renovating to provide your little bundles of joy with a safe, especially planned play area to be themselves.
  • Garden – when taking part in a home renovation, it is important to think about the outside of your home. Especially if you are already renovating inside, maybe give some consideration to how you could improve your outside space.
  • Garage – If you are lucky enough to have the space, consider improving the value of your home by building a garage. Having access to a safe, secure workspace is a life saver for that budding DIY enthusiast.

However you plan to renovate your home, spend some time planning the variety of ways that you could improve your home. Consider all the different ways you may need to use your space in the future. Are you going to need to work from home? Do you have enough storage space? Are there enough beds for you and any guests?

A well-presented, smart home is a joy to come home to, and is one for which you will not regret putting in the time and money.

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