There are various types of roofing systems used these days, but regardless of which system you have chosen to go with, debris from surrounding trees will always pose a threat. How likely that threat is to turn into a problem can be helped by yourself;

Assess the surrounding area

In strong winds, the most likely thing to end up on your roof are twigs, branches and various other bits of tree related debris. With that in mind you’d have thought that more people would assess the areas surrounding their roofs and, have a regime in place for regular checks and maintenance, they don’t.

It might seem a bit odd considering the chances of a tree causing damage to anything around it, especially if it’s an old tree however, it’s more natural to look at a tree and to think, wow look how big that tree is, as opposed to looking for the health and danger risks.

Those that have had their roof ruined because of a tree or, some part of the tree becoming loose and falling onto the roof certainly see things in a different light now. Although it may have cost a small fortune to put things right, most people learned from the experience and employ a local tree service in Farnborough who check the surrounding trees for them, disposing of any potential dangers.


You don’t need a self-assessment done to find out how risk adverse you are, even if you love a bit of risk, it simply makes sense to cover your own back.

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