Pool safety is important, and you’ve no doubt drilled the rules into your own family and put safety measures in place. But how do you keep guests safe when they come round to your home? As a homeowner, you are usually liable for any accidents or injuries, so here are some ways you can keep visitors safe around the pool.

Get Your Pool Certified

One of the best ways to ensure your pool is safe is to get it inspected and certified. While this may not be a legal requirement in your area, it gives you real peace of mind and can protect you from future issues. Look for pool certification Blacktown, and if your pool fails, get the issues sorted ASAP so you can be sure your pool is safe.

Put in pool safety measures

There are a number of safety devices you can put in or around your pool.

  • Alarms – these warn you if there’s any movement in the water, so if a pet or child manages to get in, you are alerted
  • Lifebuoys – if someone does fall in your pool, a lifebuoy can be thrown in to help them. A rescue hook is another option
  • A cover – this can help prevent people from getting into your pool
  • Anti-slip mats – guests can sometimes get too close to your pool, so make sure you have non-slip surfaces or mats to prevent people falling in

With the right safety measures, you can prevent people getting in your pool unless you welcome them in and can help keep them safe when they swim.

Fences and gates are essential

It’s important for pools to be fenced off, so that anyone entering your property can’t get into your pool without permission. You should have a gate that’s lockable when you’re not using the pool and make sure it’s not easy to climb or get over your fence. Some people who own pools have found intruders such as kids using them, and obviously, this is a headache you’ll want to avoid.

Owning a pool is a big responsibility, and if you have people over, you need to ensure they’ll be safe near your pool. Unfortunately, accidents can happen, and in a backyard pool you don’t have a lifeguard to keep everyone safe. That’s why you need to be on guard, make sure you have the right safety equipment, and this will allow everyone to have a good time around the pool.

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