If you are planning a new commercial build, or would like to replace the existing flooring at your commercial premises, there are quite a few materials that are available. Of course, you want flooring that ticks all the boxes and with that in mind, here is some basic information regarding the most popular forms of commercial flooring available today.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles
LVT is the preferred flooring for many retail outlets, due to the extreme durability of LVT and with stunning timber, stone and slate designs, there will be something just right. Vinyl can be installed on any substrate and is scratch-resistant and very easy to keep clean, making it ideal for high traffic areas.

Epoxy Resin Flooring
Talk to the epoxy flooring services in Adelaide and they can show you stunning images of their previous contracts and this amazing product simply ticks all the boxes from the business owner’s perspective. You can have markings, graphics and even the company logo embedded under the epoxy coating, which will never erode, while colours are unlimited, enabling you to add to your branding. Vehicle showrooms, tyre and exhaust shops and small engineering facilities prefer epoxy, which is non-slip and chemical-resistant and there are variations in the mix, depending on your needs.

Polyurethane Screed
This is the most cost-effective way to prepare the substrate and by adding a coating of epoxy resin, the floor is protected and will last for many years. The commercial flooring specialist would gather data before making any recommendations, which means the flooring is designed around your business activities. Colour choices are unlimited and the flooring can be installed quickly, followed by a coating of epoxy resin to provide a total seal. Large warehouses prefer this type of flooring, which is durable, safe and easy to clean, plus you can add as many markings as you wish, which is essential for safety.

Polished Concrete
A cost-effective and very durable floor material, polished concrete is the favoured option for many retail outlets and public areas like shopping malls and again, you are not limited in your choice of shade. Once the floor is set, have a coating of epoxy resin added for optimum wear and you can add any form of graphics, prior to the epoxy installation.

If you would like to explore the various types of commercial flooring, a Google search is a good place to start and after some research, look for a local commercial flooring contractor and ask them to pay you a visit.