Bed bugs hide in different places including luggage, clothes, etc and come along with the person. They will travel from one place to the other quickly. As, they are very small in size, it is difficult to detect them. Sometimes even, if you suspect bed bugs are there in the place, you cannot identify a live bed bug or its eggs.

In places like hotels, buildings, etc, there will be many rooms. It will be hard to search all the rooms. You need to spend a lot of time to find out where bed bugs are. In these situations, a trained bug inspection dog will detect the bugs as well as eggs in few minutes. It saves human efforts, time, and money.

If you are looking to hire a bed bug inspection team, then visit, it provides assistance for tenants, owners, property managers, office buildings, etc with simple and quick process. You can reach the branches at Montreal, Sherbrooke, Elsewhere, or Granby for help.

Benefits of hiring bug detection service

  • Detects all stages – A well trained canine detects both existing bed bugs and its eggs with the help of smell. It is the one and only process to detect the bed bugs of all stages. They can’t hide from the dog’s sense of smell.
  • Accuracy – Bug canines identify bed bugs efficiently, accurately, and quickly. They detect the smell of a bug from furniture, mattress, and inside walls and works as efficient as bomb detecting dogs.
  • Quick Inspection – They will search a place including buildings, hotels, motels, etc within short period and eradicates the bed bugs from the place. They provide peace to everyone staying in that place.

  • Due to their accuracy, they are recognized as scientific instrument by the court. The inspection team will search each and every room thoroughly, but they don’t mess up your things like pulling carpet, removing baseboard and furniture, etc.
  • Saves money – Bug detection service will help you by identifying a bed bug before someone will affect to it. That means there is no need of treatment for any person. With this the business continues without any disturbances and helps to save both time as well as money.

Don’t spend your money on unnecessary prevention techniques, take help from a certified canine bug detection team and avoid future problems. These days, various companies are available, which provides service to protect a company or individual from bed bugs. Choose a company as per your requirement.