Choice Roof Contractor Group uses high-quality roof coating products to solve commercial flat roof problems. Flat roofs have a very slight pitch, but they are susceptible to some problems. Despite the many problems flat roofs can cause, many building owners choose a flat roof due to the numerous benefits that they provide.

Flat roofs are popular among commercial building owners for many reasons. Flat roofs are more affordable than other types of roofing, making them a popular choice for budget-conscious managers and building owners. Flat roofs provide additional floor space that can be used for storage, HVAC units, and other necessities.

Flat roofs are easier to inspect and repair because they are easier to access. Flat roofs make it easier to clean gutters, install and service solar panels and other equipment. Flat roofs have many benefits but also drawbacks.

Flat Roofs are Payable Over Time with Exceptional Energy Efficiency

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  • Flat, white roof coatings reflect more than 4/5ths sun’s rays. This can lower the temperature of your roof up to 80 degrees and give your A/C a huge break.
  • Contrary to a dark roof, which reflects about 6 percent of the heat from sunlight, a dark roof only reflects around 6 percent. This is a huge difference in terms of your HVAC system’s load in summer.
Why Not Seal The Entire Roof For 18 Years?

1Pressure washing with WAC II ensures proper adhesion. 2Prime Time or Tack Coat Primer is applied over the whole roof. 3All seams are reinforced with extra coating and fabric. 4Base coat is applied on top of the fabric to fully embed. 5Vulnerable areas reinforced with Kwik Kaulk and Fabric. 6Final coat makes the whole roof seamless & water-tight.

Conklin flat roofing systems are water-tight and can be used to protect your roof for up to 100%. Even roofs in poor condition do not need to be replaced frequently.

These restoration systems are more cost-effective than commercial roof replacement or continuous leak repair and damage control. There is no need to tear off your old roof. It’s much easier and more cost-effective to restore your roof. The installation process is so silent that you might not notice the new roof being installed.

All Members Work Together To Repair or Restore Commercial Roofs
  • Elastomeric roofing – Our members use elastic coatings to dry to a bright, clean, and energy-efficient finish that extends the life of your roof. They expand when they are hot. They return to their normal size at night. There are no leaks, cracks, or bubbles.
  • EPDM roofs – Our roof restoration systems can reduce cooling costs by up to 15% and stop leaks for years.
  • Metal roofs Our roof contractors apply rust resistance before sealing all seams with a thick topcoat. Your roof will look new for many years and save you energy.
  • TPO, PVC, and built-up roofing – Choice Roof contractors are fully qualified to service any roof. Our members can help you choose the best option for your roof by providing a free estimate.
Our Members Can Also Fix Asphalt Roofs!
  • The asphalt prices have risen dramatically, making it more costly to replace your roof than to choose one of our cost-effective, energy-efficient roof coatings.
  • Roll asphalt has a life expectancy of 10 years. A high-quality roof coating system, however, can last for many decades.
  • Roll asphalt makes a “hot roof,” while coatings transform such a roof into a more energy-efficient and money-saving “cool roofing.”
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Why Flat Roofs Are So Popular?

Flat roofs are used in commercial and industrial buildings for many reasons. Flat roofs are attractive for their low cost. Flat roofing systems are more affordable than their sloping counterparts. Flat roofs offer more stability and horizontal space. Flat roofs allow for the integration of certain building elements, which frees up valuable interior space.

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