People love the idea of photovoltaic (PV), solar power saving money, but they are often just as interested in solar panels helping the earth.

The sun is a source of renewable energy. It can never run out. There will always be sunlight. There are many other forms of renewable energy like wind, solar, bioenergy, and hydroelectric. There are many types of solar power.

Because they are an alternative to polluting fossil fuels such as oil, coal, or natural gas, renewable energy is often called “alternative” (or “clean”) energy. However, renewable energy isn’t 100% clean. There are, for example, environmental impacts when producing solar panels or wind turbines. They are still far less than the environmental impacts from burning oil, coal, and gas.

This is why solar and other renewables are so important. They are the only way to reduce major forms of pollution. Using fossil fuels is the only way to reduce major forms of pollution.

Electric power plants that use fossil fuels (and some geothermal power plants) contribute about 33 percent to total U.S. carbon pollution. One home heated with natural gas, which is the most environmentally friendly fossil fuel, emits thousands of tons of carbon each year. A Connecticut study has shown that one home converted from fossil fuels into solar power produced the same amount of carbon as planting 150 trees each year.

Although solar energy and other renewables cannot replace fossil fuels completely, they can be used more frequently to drastically reduce the carbon content of the air. It would reduce the risk of climate change and also help to combat acid rain. It could also lower pollution-related stress in plants as well as animals.

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