If you are transferring your Melbourne based office, you will need the assistance of a firm that specializes in offering smooth, secure, and stress-free office relocations while causing the least amount of interruption to your time. In today’s competitive and unpredictable business climate, there are ever-changing corporate goals, such as security concerns, data protection, continuous IT infrastructure, and minimal downtime. Here’s a rundown of what’s on offer from some local services;

Management of Projects

They offer a comprehensive project management service that encompasses all aspects of an approaching move for clients who are happy for us to oversee all aspects of their relocation. Our skilled project managers relieve your workers of the stress of relocation by managing all aspects of the transfer, including inventory management, permits, insurance, staff communications, logistics, cabling, storage, and transport.

Services for Disassembly and Reassembly

Their specialized experience and equipment allow them to manage the disassembly and reassembly of any office equipment, including workstations and problematic things like compact units and big Board-Room Tables.

Cleaning from top to bottom

Businesses going through an office relocation in Melbourne office space are obligated to properly clean the premises under the REIV standard lease, and some companies will back that up with their own guarantee that promises to meet all the required standards or your lease. The most comprehensive relocation companies deliver extensive cleaning services to fulfil all vacating terms of your lease.

Services for Storage

The majority of quality storage facilities are ideally placed on the city outskirts, providing for quick access to the best transport routes. Security is, usually the company’s top priority, after all, what is the point of a transport company that cannot ensure the safer of your goods,

 as well as the rest of the services on offer which has plenty of storage space and is outfitted with cutting-edge sprinkler and security systems. Most facilities are designed with the client in mind, and offer a wide choice of storage solutions to fit your needs and budget, ranging from tiny self-storage units to large warehouses.

Disposal of Documents

Moving can provide a chance for organizations to purge old files and papers and minimize the requirement for filing/storage space. Many times, this chance is passed up due to security concerns. The top businesses offer a secure offsite shredding service that transports obsolete documents off-site to a private location where the documents can be shredded for recycling.