Of course, there are many materials that can be used for a residential driveway; concrete, blocks, pavers and asphalt, the latter being very popular in Australia. Why asphalt you might be wondering?

Here are some of the reasons that asphalt is the number one driveway covering in Australia.

  • Smart and tidy – Once the driveway has been covered with asphalt, your home looks neat and tidy, with a nice shade of black (or any other colour) and the local specialist is happy to provide asphalt driveway ideas in Brisbane, if you fancy something different. The installation team have a large collection of special hand tools to create stunning finishes and years of hands-on experience means a 5-star job every time.
  • Durability – When asphalt is installed professionally, the depth is such that it remains for many years, with no grass or weeds growing through. If you would like a quote from a Brisbane based asphalt contractor, Google is your best friend. If you know someone who has recently had their driveway done, you could ask them if they would recommend the contractor.
  • Low maintenance – An asphalt driveway requires no maintenance (a power wash every now and then won’t hurt), making for the perfect driveway covering. No weeding or worrying about cracking (sealant protected) with asphalt and should you ever need a top layer added, the same contractor can do that.
  • Non-slip surface – Asphalt is non-slip, wet or dry, which is ideal for the kids who love running about, while the surface can be power washed to restore it to original condition.
  • Long warranty – If an award-winning asphalt contractor does your driveway, you can rest assured they will issue a long warranty. The secret to a top-notch asphalt installation lies in the ground preparation; it isn’t just a question of putting the asphalt down, adhesion is essential and the professionals know their stuff.
  • Classic look – Asphalt has always been a firm favourite for Aussie homeowners, with a classic black look that goes with every style of home. Google Images can bring you 1000s of driveway examples and the contractor has many photos of finished projects.

If your asphalt driveway has seen better days and you would like to learn about your options, talk to a Brisbane based contractor, who has all the driveway solutions at an affordable price. If you are in need of asphalt repairs, talk to Brisbane’s leading contractor, who can quickly repair the driveway.