It’s not often that you’ll hear somebody say oh, I’d better get my double glazing repaired, people tend to get the windows replaced instead these days, or so it could be easy to assume because there are lots of new windows and door systems being fitted daily, but, they were likely installed 10-2- years ago.

More money than sense

Either way, the proof really is in the pudding when you consider that some local double-glazing repairs in Andover were done some decades ago and, are still there to tell the tale.

Advised by the sales rep

Well, of course, if you speak with somebody whose job it is to sell new windows and doors, you may end up with a quote in your hand and at least one ear that’s been chewed to death. People who are getting their windows replaced these days are either retired and well off financially or have saved for a long, long time. The windows have probably been part of the home since it was built!

They have not gone ‘untouched’

Over the years the windows and doors will have taken some wear and tear and perhaps, even some abuse, hinges and screws will have needed to be realigned. Windows and seals adjusted, so that they don’t let any unwanted drafts in. Maybe, there were even new handles needed or locking mechanisms to be fitted.