Ask any seasoned homeowner about worst-case scenarios and most will list a blocked drain as up there with a burst water pipe in the upstairs bedroom. Your waste system is a complex network of pipes that lead to the main sewer and should you encounter a blockage, resist the temptation for a home fix.

Identifying the blockage

This is the most difficult aspect of fixing an outside drain blocked in Oxford, or anywhere else for that matter and the drain specialist uses CCTV buggies that inspect sections of the system to pinpoint blockages. It is rare that the blockage is reachable and when you enlist a professional drain cleaner, they also power rinse the drains, which prevents future blockages.

Don’t delay

If your toilet is backed up, this is something to remedy asap; there are 24/7 drain cleaning services that can be found with a Google search and some don’t have a callout charge. There are a number of reasons why a drain might be blocked; it could be due to sudden ground movement that cause a pipe to collapse, it might be due to foreign objects entering the drainage system; hair soap and, of course, food waste can result in a blockage.

Regular maintenance

Some homeowners have their drains cleaned on an annual basis and this dramatically reduces the risk of a partial or complete blockage. Bad smells are magnified in the summer and should the worst occur, call in a local drain cleaner.

Installing fine wire mesh guards will help to trap residue and avoid putting food waste down the kitchen sink.

Elevate your home’s hygiene with routine drain cleaning. Professional services tackle clogs and blockages, preventing unpleasant odors and ensuring a clean and efficient wastewater removal system.