If you have just become the proud owner of your very first home, we offer our congrats; this is a milestone in every person’s life and if you are already thinking of building a deck, you have come to the right place. Aside from the materials, here are some tools that you can’t do without.

  • Power saw – A circular saw is ideal and there’s a lot of cutting to be done, whether using Trex decking or a similar product. You also need a workhorse on which to place the planks for cutting; you could hire one, but if you are planning further projects at home, this should be your first purchase.
  • Spirit level – Essential to ensure your deck is level, every DIY enthusiast would have a 1m level and they can be found online. Remember to create a slight run away from the house, which ensures that rainwater runs away. Start by attaching lines from the 4 corners and checking the level and from this, you can build the deck framework.
  • Power drill – It is better to fix the decking with countersink screws than nails. Drilling slightly smaller holes makes things a lot easier; battery power drills are easy to use and there are no cables to get in the way.
  • Tape measure/chalk line – Both of these items are required; snap the chalk line to mark all the planks for accurate cutting for the last edge; with the deck planks fitted, you can make a straight cut along the edge. There aren’t many projects you can do without a tape measure; which is why every DIY enthusiast has at least one.
  • Tenon saw – While the circular saw handles most of the cutting, there are times when a hand-cut is the only way. This is a short, rigid saw that is used for creating joints and cutting straight lines.
  • Iron bar – If you have a claw hammer, you could do without the iron jemmy bar, which is used to remove nails and pieces of wood. Most homeowners acquire tools at they are needed and a few years should see you with a fairly comprehensive tool kit.

Search online for suppliers of top quality decking and choose the perfect composite finish and with a list of tools and materials, you should be able to cost the project. The weather is ideal at this time of year and it only takes a few days to build your perfect deck, providing you have all tools and materials onsite.

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