When you see a green lawn, you remain mesmerised by its fresh look. Well maintained lawns are not only pleasing to eyes, it also enhances the value of the property. Moreover, you enjoy pollution free environment and it enriches the beauty of other structures on the property.

Importance of a lawn:

  • They help greatly to clean the surrounding air as grass and shrubs absorb carbon dioxide. A lawn surrounded home really helps the living members at home to breathe fresh oxygen rich air.
  • Temperature is controlled. Fresh green grass helps to cool the surrounding temperature.
  • Lawns at home or in commercial establishments help people to relax surrounded by natural elements that aids in keeping the mind calm. This is the basic reason for many commercial offices to maintain their lawn for their employees to feel rejuvenated while spending few minutes in the green luxury. Some offices are even encouraging their employees to work relaxingly while sitting on the lawn.

However, maintaining a lawn is a difficult matter as often the grass and shrubs looks pale and lose their freshness. The same issues Canadians realise when they are watering efficiently and mowing the lawn removing the weeds however unfortunately the greenery looks unhealthy. The reason for your efforts being wasted is simple. The soil of the lawn needs to be rejuvenated to retain its fertile quality. To do that you can anytime call the expert staff of Ecolawn Applicator to add manure over your deficient existing soil. They are the best to function lawn top dressing spreader to ease your work of manual spreading of manure all over your lawn.

More about how topdressing of soil helps to keep your lawn looking lavishly beautiful:

  • It is a known fact that soil after a year loses its nutrients. This deficiency leads to the growth of unhealthy grass and planted shrubs and even bordering trees of lawn. The top-dressing soil contains the compost fertilizer mainly organic that is layered over the present existing soil of the lawn.
  • While the compost top soil gets mixed with the lower layered soil nutrients reach the roots of the grass and other plants of the lawn.
  • The lost soil texture gets retained and thus everything looks fresh and neat.

While top dressing is done regularly as per the suggestion of its applicators your lawn maintain work will be easier to do and surely onlookers will appreciate your lawn’s rich appearance.