How safe do you think is the quality of air inside your homes? Many people are not aware about the unseen dangers that are caused because of poor air quality we breathe. There are many microorganisms that can cause long term damage to our health.

Whether it is odor, issues related to comfort or any other health complaints, probably you are wondering if the problem is serious enough to warrant testing of indoor air quality.

In this write up, we shall talk about few invisible and scary things which might be polluting air at home. Also, we will cover few important facts to know and steps to be taken before calling indoor air quality testing companies in Phoenix.

  • Volatile organic compounds

Many products present in your home may emit VOCs, though you may not feel their smell but they are present in most of the homes which may cause short-term health issues like headache and nausea.

Testing indoor air quality for a wide range of VOCs will not be so helpful as no standards are available to interpret their results, it can however be used for detecting particularly dangerous VOCs like formaldehyde.

Few carcinogens can be found in fabric, wood, combustion appliances, tobacco smoke and more.

  • Carbon monoxide

Few combustion appliances like furnaces, gas stove, fireplaces and woodburning stoves can emit few dangerous gases such as carbon monoxide that you cannot see or smell. This can be deadly if accumulated.

Also, combustion can emit particle matter in the air which can cause problems of breathing.

  • Bacteria, mold and mildew

Besides, chemical contaminants, there can be many biological contaminants like mold, mildew, fungus or even bacteria/viruses.

They can grow and also multiply in warm or humid air. So, you have to be extra careful about keeping humidity lower and fixing water leaks in the bathrooms and basement.

  • Pest droppings

There can be many other biological agents besides molds which can cause odor or health issues too, like insects and rodents.

Though you may not see them, but dust mites, mice and cockroaches can leave behind their droppings that cause various respiratory problems, for children and elders.

  • Pesticides

Often you may use certain pesticides, if you observe insects however your solution can be a reason for another problem. Pesticides may also cause problems in indoor air quality as well.

So, testing of indoor air quality probably will detect few pesticides level in your air.