At it’s simplest, the objective of good irrigation is to appropriately control the flow of water to respond to the needs of specific landscaping elements. In an arid, hot, dry climate, like that of Texas, however, simply disseminating water is not enough – and experienced irrigation companies in Houston know that!  While water distribution is a key principle of good irrigation systems, without embracing some of the other core principles, the simple application of water may hinder good landscaping.

Why Irrigation Matters in Houston?

Houston receives an average of 49.9 inches of rainfall annually. And, while that’s far below the 62.7 inches that New Orleans gets each year, it’s still a welcoming number compared to the 13.6 inches that the entire state of Arizona receives in a year. And while it rains (on the average) 107 days a year in Houston, that dwarfs the 168 days of rainfall in Rochester, New York.

Yet, professionals who design and install irrigation systems in Houston TX will tell you, that good irrigation is never about how much rain you get, or for how long. An abundance of natural water supply doesn’t necessarily translate to well-maintained landscaping. In comparatively arid and dry climates, like we experience here in Houston, sustaining landscapes through good irrigation techniques is critical. It matters because, unlike tropical regions, rainfall doesn’t always provide water when, where, and in desired quantities necessary for good landscaping.

Doing Landscape Irrigation Right

Many irrigation “specialists” don’t understand this basic principle of sustaining beautiful landscapes. That’s why, on some Houston properties, you’ll see an endless series of ditches, or a tangled network of tubing and pipes crisscrossing lawns, gardens, and hedges. Seasoned irrigation companies in Houston know that’s wrong!

To achieve the ideal objectives, that property owners hire landscapers to deliver, it’s important to follow the core principles of irrigation design:

  • Depth: Measure the depth of water dispensation features, such as sprinklers, so they correctly target destination landscaping elements
  • Timing: It’s because irrigation specialists can’t control the timing of rainfall, that Houston property owners can’t depend on natural water being effective for their landscapes. Good irrigation companies know how to control the length of time that each landscaping feature receives water
  • Uniformity of Application: Ditches and “spaghetti” tubing can’t apply water precisely, to the desired needs of each landscaping element. When designing irrigation systems in Houston TX, to make water application most effective, knowledgeable irrigation specialists ensure uniformity of water distribution across the entire landscape
  • Loss Reduction: Proper irrigation design reduces, or even eliminates, water loss. And, even where water might overflow, they design run-off systems and catch basins to collect and recycle excess water

At the end of the day, working with irrigation companies in Houston that know what they’re doing, and who have been doing it for a while, pays off in many ways: It’s great for your landscaping needs; it results in hard-dollar savings for your water bills and landscaping maintenance costs; and it’s a great environmental service for the entire planet!