We are very keen when you are selecting the mattress and regular pillows for ourselves. Along with that, you must select the right knee pillow which will help you to get up refreshed every day. It is not an easy task to pick up the best knee pillow as you can find many different types of them in the market. They again vary according to the size, shape, pillow fill, material, and many more things. The experts say that more than brand the important thing is how much support it gives to you. Pillow fills are also one of the essential parts as they are directly related to the comfort and support which they provide. Let us discuss different types of pillow fills.

  • Down: We get the down from the seal of the bird which is like a feathery bunch. The down filling is well known for its soft mature which makes you feel like a cloud. Some of the people also say that it is felt like a marshmallow due to the super softness. But drawback in the down feeling is that it needs to be refilled at regular intervals of time.
  • Feathers: The down and feathers both are taken from the birds. But both are different from each other. The down is an undercoating cluster but the feathers are taken from the outer cover of the bird. Feathers come in less cost compare to others but give the same level of support like down. But you need to be careful about the outer cover of the pillow that means it should be stitched tightly so that quills do not come out of the pillow.
  • Down alternative: The down alternatives are designed as a duplicate of down. It almost looks like land gives a feel like down but it is filled with synthetic fiber. The main advantage of these types of pillows is that they are allergy-free and less expensive. Even though it is not as superior as down but you cannot degrade the quality of the down alternative.
  • Memory foam: the memory foam pillows come in two different forms of pillows. The first type of pillow contains solid memory foam and the second type has pieces of memory foam. In these pillows, one can adjust the height and the pieces in the pillows will give you comfort in whatever position you sleep. To buy the click on https://www.amazon.com/Knee-Pillow-Sleeping-Leg-Pain/dp/B07995B8L1/
  • Latex: The latex is the perfect replaceable foam for the memory foam. It also comes in two types like memory foam that is in solid and clusters. The pieces can be adjustable according to your need. The latex is taken from the rubber tree and it is softer than the memory foam. These are more durable and can be used for a long time.
  • Gel: You do not get the only gel-filled pillows. They are filled in the pillows which already have foam. The gel is used to give a cooling effect to you by keeping the heat far from you.


Finally, we always thought that the filling is the same in all the pillows but that is not true. So next time when you are buying you will understand what type of foam is in the pillow