Whether you’re designing a new space or redoing an old room, finding unique interior design options is a great way to make your space feel like you. Instead of pre-made options and trendy furnishings, why not go for something more unique? In this blog, we’ll look at six unique interior design ideas that you can use to make any space look brand new.

  1. Flowers

Flowers are a great addition to any room. They liven up a space, add a pop of color and put some extra texture to your decor. Whether you choose live flowers or fake ones, adding some plants in any space is an easy way to express your personal design sense.

Adding vases to a mantle or end table is a common way to incorporate flowers, but you could go one step floral. Think about floral decor such as accent wallpapers, throw pillows or art.

  1. Mirrors

It sounds simple, but adding a mirror to your existing design is a quick way to open a room and create the illusion of more space. This is especially helpful if your living room feels a little cramped or you want to maximize natural light from a window in your home.

Add a large mirror to your side table or buffet table or even hang it on the wall opposite a source of natural light in your home. This will help to make the room feel bigger and reflect the sunlight throughout your home, creating a lighter, airier vibe.

  1. Rugs

Rugs are a great way to make a room pop without being overbearing. Getting a nice geometric rug or one with a colorful abstract pattern can help to reflect the colors in your room and add an interesting focal point for guests.

The one thing to be careful with about rugs is that you don’t buy one that’s too loud. Your rug should accent the rest of your decor, not overpower it. Look for distressed patterns and more muted colors that coordinate with the rest of your room.

  1. Furniture

You want the furniture in every room to be chic and functional. It’s a difficult balance to strike but it can be done with the right amount of diligence. Take the time to go beyond big box stores and find furniture that speaks to your style and sensibilities.

Think about how you can incorporate interesting shapes in your furniture. Instead of a pair of chairs, why not a chaise lounge? Instead of a rectangular coffee table, why not one with levels? There are tons of different ways to pull away from the norm in your interior design so your personal style can shine through.

  1. Dark Accents

You want your house to feel big, and every professional has always told you to stick to light, neutral colors. The truth is, however, that you shouldn’t be afraid of dark accents. You can use dark colors to make other elements of your design stand out.

Don’t be afraid to use dark colors on accent walls or cabinets to add a layer of depth to your interior design. You can use blacks, blues, greens, and even purples if you want! As long as you can tie it back to that lighter side of your house, it will create an interesting balance in the room.

  1. Style Your Bookshelf

Admittedly, this one is a bit trendy but it leaves lots of room for interpretation. Look at your bookshelf and see it as a canvas rather than another form of storage. You can arrange your books artistically to display colors and images in unique designs that draw the eye.

Plus, don’t forget that shelves aren’t just for books. Break up the monotony of novel spines with art and sculptures. These provide an interesting intermission from books and help to create a more dynamic space on your shelves.

These are just a few ways to make your space your own!

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